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Hi, I’m Justin Noble. I’ve been building, racing & maintaining RC Cars, Buggies & Monster Trucks for 24+ years. Over that time I’ve picked up a whole wealth of knowledge that I now want to share with YOU

Racing & bashing RC Cars is great fun, but every time you take your RC Model out, it invariably comes home covered in mud, dust & who knows what else. To keep your RC Car running as quickly and hassle free as possible, regular cleaning & maintenance is therefore essential to getting the most out of this exhilarating hobby. 

Cleaning your RC Car though, doesn’t have to take for ever! With these tried and tested tips and tutorials that I’m about to share with you in my FREE eBook – Cleaning & Maintaining Radio Controlled Cars, you’ll have your Car, Truck or Buggy back in race ready shape in next to no time! 

I’ll show you exactly how to clean & polish your car’s bodyshell, strip all the dirt away from its chassis in just a couple of minutes. How to strip and clean your cars motor, how to spot when the motor brushes need replacing, how to re-rejuvenate seized bearings, keep your tyres in track ready condition… There’s even a unique Homemade RC Car Cleaner recipe that will save you $$$ over buying one of the branded RC Cleaners. 

PLUS – A Secret Tip From The Pro’s To Keep Your RC Car Even Cleaner, All The Time… Even During Bashing!!!

Whilst researching this book, I picked up a few awesome tips from the Pro drivers I spoke to, including one fantastic tip that helps you keep your RC Car, Buggy or Truck virtually dirt free, all the time, even while you run it through mud, dust, sand and more! This tip is SO easy to do, and you almost certainly have everything you need to do it, right there in your Tool Kit! 






P.S. I’ve got a handy FREE bonus gift for you too! Keep reading to find out more… 

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What’s inside?

  • Proprietary RC Car Cleaners – Which one is best?
  • Cleaning tools – What you need & what they cost!
  • Bodyshells – Keep your ride Showroom shiny with these cleaning & polishing techniques.
  • Chassis – The most effective cleaning techniques.
  • Motors – Cleaning sealed can, stock and modified motors.
  • Bearing – Seized bearing, lubrication & cleaning.
  • RC Car Wheel Care – Make your rims stand out on the track!
  • RC Car Tyre Care – Extend the life of your tyres & keep them in tip top condition.
  • Keep Your RC Car Clean While You Bash & Race – The “must have” accessories!
  • Transmitter Maintenance – Simple tips to keep your transmitter on track!

There’s tons of high quality pics in there too, showing you exactly what to do and how to do it… 


Bonus Tip: Keep Your RC Car Clean While You Bash & Race!

All this cleaning and maintenance is great, but it can get a bit tedious, right? Then I’ll let you into a little secret a seasoned Pro racer once shared with me… How to keep your car/truck extra clean while you run it, even through mud & dust! And no, it doesn’t cost the earth! In fact, you probably have everything to do this tip right there in your toolbox! Find out exactly what this secret is and how you can do it to your RC cars, right now

Bonus Free Gift!

I’m a generous guy, honest, so I’m also including a FREE BONUS GIFT… 

Post Bash Maintenance Schedule poster.

This is something I created for myself to stick on my workshop wall to remind me to carry out 8 key maintenance techniques after every race or bash. By quickly carrying out these 8 simple tasks every time I run my trucks & cars, I keep them all ready for action at a moments notice. Just print out your bonus free gift, heck you can laminate it if you want, and stick it up on your workshop/hobby room wall. Then next time you get back from a bash, run through these quick and easy steps to have your RC model ready for action in next to no time! 

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